o make fine wine, it is essential to have high quality grapes. To ensure we have the highest quality grapes, we practise "controlled management", that allows us to emilimate the vines' enemies while protecting the vine itself and its natural allies. Our private meteorological station that is directly linked up to our illness modelling software allows us to intervene at the optimal moment with the exact doses required for the real leaf area whilst respecting the environment.
During pruning, the buds are nipped from the lower section and the ends of the vines, allowing for the optimal distribution of the grapes. At springtime, the buds are pruned again so as to ensure the right production levels; we aim to produce some 45 hectolitres per hectare. All this goes to ensuring healthy and ideally matured grapes.

Thanks to our thermoregulation techniques, we vinify the grape juice at the optimal temperature for the successful extraction of colour and tannins, thus improving the aromatic expression of our vintages. Our wines are traditionally aged in oak barrels that are in turm adapted to the characteristics of each vintage, thus completing the individualised process of wine making. The maturing of the different grape varieties together enhances the wealth of our vintages and their specificity in relation to our soils".

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